• Simulated time in game progresses continuously with daily new demand for credit and deposits

  • All ratios, interest calculations, and ratios are updated nonstop

  • Teams bid actively for loans and deposits in a competitive pricing environment in line with their banks' strategies

  • Teams see other bids and can update their own pricing

  • Players monitor and analyse the bank's performance on dashboard and can define instant actions and strategy changes

  • Participants' financial decisions are propagated immediately

  • Trainer can stop the simulation to allow for discussion and analysis

  • Trainer can jump forward in time to show projected balance sheet and can go back in time to allow for correcting decisions made

  • Trainer can set and change pace: e.g. every two minutes in class equal one day in the simulation

  • Trainer can share market dashboard that show the performance of all participating teams

  • Lively class interaction, fun to play, and excellent team building experience!



  • Number of teams

  • Progress of time: pace between simulated time and classroom time

  • Euribor base rate

  • Ceiling for interbank financing

  • Starting balance and P&L Demand for credits and savings offers


  • Capital ratio

  • Economic capital and capital ratio


  • Herfindahl-Hirschman Index for portfolio concentration

  • Liquidity and High-Quality Liquid Assets ratios

  • Risk Weighted Assets

  • Gap analysis